'Fat of the Land' Camel Dubbin


Protect your leather products with our Fat of the Land dubbin made from hand rendered camel hump fat. 

Fat of the Land camel dubbin is made from 50% tallow, hand rendered exclusively from camel hump fat, and a mix of other all natural ingredients. It is engineered to repel water and replenish the natural oils necessary to maintaining a supple and resilient leather.

Camel fat has long been prized in Central Australia by cameleers, saddlers, leatherworkers and stockmen alike. Hump fat is particularly favoured for its exceptional purity and effectiveness in providing leathers a deep and lasting drink. Animal derived fats and oils are considered superior in maintaining the natural suppleness of leathers however the majority of commonplace leather nourishers are now derived from a petrochemical.

Camel fat befits the Australian continent; they are a strong feature of our exploration and transport history, are now under-utilised commercially and are a significant pest species in the arid portions of the continent. The hump fat used in Fat of the Land is a byproduct of either feral camel management, or the wild harvest of camels for human consumption.

Directions for use
Fat of the Land is best applied in light coats and the article left somewhere warm to aid penetration. Fat of the Land is also suitable for leather furniture and clothing. Do not use on suede or nubuck. Please take care not to over-dress your leather goods as excessive use of any leather nourishing product can cause undue softening and weakening of leathers. After dressing your leather goods a 'bloom' may appear - caused by excess tallow and oils returning to the surface. Simply wipe down to remove with a lint free rag, or polish off with a shoe brush.