About Us

Elbow Workshop is James B. Young and Elliat Rich.

We are based in Alice Springs, that town right in the middle of the vast continent of Australia. We think this place is pretty unique, it's wilderness, languages, people, cultures and seasons. Elbow Workshop products are our collaborative musings, inspired by this place and it’s stories, built to last and informed by our designer / maker family fusion.

Elbow Workshop revolves around our 650kg hand made concrete and steel table from which we and a variety of guests work. Directly out the front windows sits Paint and Panel (think 90's airbrush art) in front of a registered sacred site; a perfect dichotomy of the industrial, cultural and natural landscapes of Mparntwe.

Find out about James' bespoke leatherwork https://www.jamesbyoung.com.au/ and Elliat's design practice here.

Our studio is located within a vibrant creative precinct, 8 Hele Crescent, right next to a gallery, art store, coffee cart and coffee roasters! 

We love when people drop by our hybrid workshop/studio/shop. We stock our own objects as well as products from local artists and makers.

Come visit us anytime:


8 Hele Crescent
Alice Springs 
NT 0870 Australia