Gift Set: Crescent Keyring & Camel Dubbin

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Because two is more fun than one, we are offering gift sets; pairs of products that we think fit together better than Elliat and 90's dance hits. 

Buy them together and get 15% off their total price.

Crescent Keyring
Our Crescent Keyrings are made from veg tan leather and stainless steel. The natural leather has a hand cut bevel join, meeting in a perfect circle, which is then hand stitched to finish off. 
The circular leather ring fits neatly around your wrist, keeping your keys close while you are on the go. The are made to last and the leather will patina naturally with age.

Camel Dubbin
Protect your leather products with our Fat of the Land dubbin made from hand rendered camel hump fat. Fat of the Land camel dubbin is made from 50% tallow, hand rendered exclusively from camel hump fat, and a mix of other all natural ingredients. It is engineered to repel water and replenish the natural oils necessary to maintaining a supple and resilient leather.

If there is another perfect pair you would like get in touch at and we will see what we can do!