Gift Set: Camel Dubbin & Camel Soap

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Because two is more fun than one, we are offering gift sets; buy them together and get 15% off their total price.

Camel Soap
Fat of the Land Camel Soap by James B. Young. This is not your average soap, soft, creamy and made from only the finest all Natural Australian ingredients.⁠ Restorative and nourishing, camel tallow provides a luxurious and sustainable base perfect for skincare in the dry desert environs & beyond.⁠
Includes essential oil, beeswax, olive oil and camel tallow, 90g

Camel Dubbin
Protect your leather products with our Fat of the Land dubbin made from hand rendered camel hump fat. Fat of the Land camel dubbin is made from 50% tallow, hand rendered exclusively from camel hump fat, and a mix of other all natural ingredients. It is engineered to repel water and replenish the natural oils necessary to maintaining a supple and resilient leather.

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